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I would like to wish……. March 6, 2009

Posted by techis in Techis' thought.

Assalamualaikum… Its been a very long time I dint come with any updates in this blog since I was moving to my new websites, http://tiadasempadan.co.cc… But, even though I became quite passive in this blog, I still received several comments and email asking several things. Those people who sent me comments, I would like to thanks to all of you. Because of you guys, it made me feel like Im alive and energetic to keep on blogging. Thanks again…

I’ve took my time to think about what should I post in this blog. Specifically, I just decided to keep focusing on Palestine issues in this blog. That is because in my new website, Im more focusing on Islamic technologies, Muslim Idol, Music and robotic technology.In short, its all about technologies.. But, all of them are in Malay language. For those who dont speak malay, I would like to give an apology if u cannot understand my words when u are visiting my web. Some people suggested me to write my new web in English, but I think I would like to give general knowledges to youth people from my country. Because I want them to know that Islam is the way of life.  This is because some people in my country gradually started to follow bad western culture. Thats my motive…Hope all of you could pray to Allah for me… =)



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