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Cromok..The greatest solos in universe..hehe February 1, 2009

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Cromok is a thrash metal band from Malaysia. They are

known to be an otai band in Malaysia (where the term
otai refers to old-timers or pioneers) of thrash metal
music in Malaysia. They are also known to be a legend in
Cromok is regarded as a highly respected band in
Malaysia despite being semi-underground (they have a
major record label deal with EMI (Malaysia) which is not
considered underground for most underground purist) for
most of their existence. With their straight up thrash metal
sounds, Cromok were the Metal gods of Malaysia,
worshipped and revered by all metalheads in the country.
Their song structures is characterised by very simple riffs
and minimalist drumming overlaid with very complex and
epic guitars solos.

Sam, Karl, Miji and Din were Malaysian students studying in Australia,[University of Wollongong], where they
decided to form a thrash metal band. They have been Australia’s favourite metal band that time(1989). They got
some help and “airtime” on a Metal Show called: Monday Night Metal. The guy who ran the show (he still
does!) is called Danny and he absolutely loved Cromok. They also performed in a few famous place like Seven
Hills, and so on. Din who returned to Malaysia earlier in 1992 was shocked after he saw 10,000 letter from the
fans. Cromok did not know at that time they had been famous in Malaysia. Din eventually form a band called
D’Cromok. While in Australia, as a three piece band, Cromok went on to achieve a steady following and a large
fanbase. When they returned (from their studies) to Malaysia, they were instantly a metal cult figure in
Malaysia. Mat Puck or Pucky (real name Fadhil) was the original member and co founder of Cromok. He is still
in Sydney but out of the industry. Din died in early 1996 as a result of malaria. He was a son of an Ustaz Mat
from Pantai Tujuh, Kelantan.

Group Styles & Trademark

The group sings in English and they are also known to have at least one instrumental track in every album. The
band’s vocals sounded more like the Teutonic Thrash style while their music sounded more like the Bay Area
thrash metal. Nevertheless, Cromok is a band worthy of mention with the likes of Metallica, Kreator and Death
Angel. But, they never use the sound effect.
Cromok also often experimented with Malay cultural music elements and sounds. Blending thrash metal with
Malay traditional music made Cromok different from other Malaysian bands. They are also keen on adding
Malay elements in their artworks. This made Cromok a band loved and respected as most listeners can relate to
their roots and at the same time bang their heads. It is thrash metal, but at the same time also; Malay-styled.
Cromok, although formed as four piece band, remained three pieced after Din’s demise. They also performed as
a three piece onstage without ever hiring a sessionist. This may be the factor why they are revered in Malaysia
as they are just a three piece band performing with all the skills and sounds of a four or a five piece band. There
is also a chance that they may be influenced by bands such as Motorhead, Destruction, Sodom and Rage who
performed and membered as a three piece. They had performed in Australia with Motorhead and other famous
band that time.
The group prefer their nicknames instead of their real names (which is a norm with most Malaysian rock bands).
Hence the band member’s names are always short in manner.
Cromok also offer a great solos in each of their song. The Second Cromok guitarist (Karl) influenced by Yngwie
Malmsteen, produced a lot of amazing and melodic solos. His solos sound like Malay and thrash metal. But
Cromok’s third lead guitarist, Hillary, his solos sound more to speed and rock solos. He is influenced by
They are sometimes known to be not taking themselves seriously (as evident in one of their songs Final Ticking
where the song ends with a burp) and they are sometimes not serious in interviews.

Studio albums
Year of Release Title Label
1991 Image of Purity EMI (Malaysia)
1993 Forever in Time EMI (Malaysia)
1996 Yours Truly EMI (Malaysia)
1999 Mean, Meaner, Meanest EMI (Malaysia)
Image of Purity
(Remastered & Re-released)
EMI (Malaysia)
2000 What’s Left? EMI (Malaysia)
2002 Deafening Silence EMI (Malaysia)
2004 Untitled EMI (Malaysia)

Other albums

Image of Purity & Live Full-length, 1992
Engraved in Eternity Best of/Compilation, 2003
Untitled + Raw, 2005
The Great:Metal Manifest
Hail to the King a Tribute to Cromok
The ‘Live in Planet Hollywood’ was not released by EMi due to risks of not recouping their expenses, although
there was demand for it from the fans.

The End?
Just recently in 2005, Sam announced that they were going on a hiatus and that all band activities are suspended.
After almost 20 years pumping metal firepower, Cromok has now come to a state of suspended animation. Sam,
however, stated that they will do shows provided that the pay is good and he also stressed that Cromok is very
much alive. It is just that they won’t be recording anymore (maybe not for a long, long time).
Just recently lead guitarist Hillary Ang has rejoined his old band Search, thus speculating a break-up and the end
of Cromok.After that,Karl agreed to rejoined the band back.Mat Puck might be able to join them on stage for a
few songs.




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