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Lament – from Palestine The Album June 13, 2008

Posted by techis in Lyrics, Music.

Mother with three children
Sharon’s handiwork that we don’t see on the BBC.
Photo taken after the massacre of Jenin (April 2002) shows
the burnt body of a Palestinian mother and her three children
clinging to her legs, their bodies having melted and fused together

Lament – from Palestine The Album

They say man is his own foe,
Swear to god, truth hurts and it burns slow,
I never thought for a sec of my dead Bros,
I never cared for a soul,
Just my fam and the kinfolk that lived close,
And even though I would march forth,
And oppose all the war, I suppose it was insult,
I would go with the flow for the show,
Feeling good by myself shouting slogans and insults,

And had I known all that info,
What I know now,
who am I, why I’m alive, what I live for,
would have done more, should have said more,
So I bow to my lord, bow to the stone floor, sinful.
And ask forgiveness, for past deeds, Filasteen!
My deen dictates my heart bleeds,
I’ve seen on the screens,
the pain that you’ve lived,
So I think of my son Yaseen and what ifs,

I heard the other day tanks rolled in,
And just blasted the home with the shells for laughs,
And just smashed it,
And what hurts the most is thoughts,
That these bastards,
From coast to coast,
get to boast with laughter,
And of course for most,
Its just loads of headstones,
white shrouds at dawn,
Shaheeds don’t do caskets,
We morn the young,
And yet to be born,
From night to morn,
And no flags are half masted,

Its deep they weep,
Asleep the air blasted
Blood stains the sheets,
But souls don’t get blasted,
I ask this of all those who claim to be,
Ever seen what they did in Jenin?
I mean its been a scene, after scene,
Of Genocide, they scream,
But it seems that they ain’t deemed,
of seen as human beings,
The core of their deen,
Is torn they ain’t fleein’
They’ve sworn they’ll die free
In their homes, they cry, ‘see um?’

Allhu Akbar Ya Shabab AL Islam

(Allah is the Greatest, Oh Youth of Islam)

Allhu Akbar wa Ya Ummatal Quran

(Allah is the Greatest, Oh People of the Quran)

Allhu Akbar Ya Ummatal La ilaha Il Allah, Muhammadar Rasool Allah

(Allah is the Greatest, Oh People of La ilaha Il Allah wa Mohammedar rasool Allah)

Ya sahib al Isra’i wal Meraaji

(I am not sure what Sahib means here so I can’t translate the sentence, Isra wal Meraaj is the night journey and ascension)

Hadha hul al-Aqsa la??..????

(can’t make out the rest of this sentence, starts This is Al-Aqsa).

Okay, its on, enoughs enough, come on,
We tired, were done, the blood, the tears,
Its rough, the young,
Our peers, our mums are such, they’re tough,
These wolves they huff they puff,
Lets call their bluff,
We must entrust in deen,
Its clear, one had to stand,
Does one then have no fear,
Except the one above,
One love, no bombs, just heart, just tongue,
My soul, my speed, my fate, the truth, my gun!
Indeed I’m ready to bleed, if need be done,
Load a clip full of facts, that’s how the west is won.
Got the young in my pack ready to ride shotgun!
Armed with none but a verse from the holy Quran.

With speaking out, you’re making out,
Like we’ve dropped some bombs,
Got ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Times’ feeding the numb and dumb.
Thought crimes and deceit just a web well spun,
Front page got my creed and you’re poking fun!

I mean enoughs enough, its time to represent,
I got a message for the man on blood stained letterhead,
The letter read, Dear Mister Blair and Dear President,
When Bush comes to shove, we’ve got the evidence!
Its evident that our blood is deemed irrelevant.
Palestine or Iraq’s the same predicament,
You’re hell bent , what happens then, and in any event, for the sake of betterment,
Oppose government, never hesitant.



1. Mahmoud - June 14, 2008

we must be strong! Do not let them oppress us

2. Rap4ummah - June 14, 2008

this song is very famous in my country. I hope that Muslim around the world will be united someday.Takbir!

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