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Muslim band-An-Nasr Productions June 8, 2008

Posted by techis in Music.

An-Nasr Productions was formed in 1415 A.H. (1994) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Two Muslim brothers who saw the need for the message of Islam to spread to the general population via unique means and tools formed the group. The tool An-Nasr Productions choose after careful study and contemplation was the medium of Hip-Hop. The group witn- essed the effect that Hip-Hop had on the youth and the great effect this  medium had on communities in general.  An-Nasr Productions went into the legality of Music in Islam and found two major views, one of Haraam (prohibited) and one of Mubah (permissible). Each view had its details and each view needed to be examined thoroughly. The founders of An-Nasr Productions came to the conclusion that the strongest view is that music is Mubah
(permissible). However, such music containing sinful and un-Islamic content is Haraam (forbidden). An-Nasr Productions set out to use this medium as a “bait” to spark  the common people’s interest in the deen of Islam. The topics discussedin the songs would raise many questions and indeed trigger the interests of the younger generations. Although the first project done by An-Nasr Productions was directed towards Non-Muslims, the group soon began to find the need to direct their efforts towards The Muslim Ummah. The basic understanding of Islam seemed to be lost and the Muslims seemed to be mesmerized by The West. Muslims seemed to have forgotten the  reason why they are Muslims. The worship and obedience to Allah,  Ta’ala, seemed to be restricted solely to prayers, fasting, etc. Although, this problem was not a new one, An-Nasr Productions saw addressing the Muslims as a priority. Not neglecting their duty of Da’wah to Non-Muslims, the group embarked on a mission to free the Muslims  mind from the bondage of the colonialist’s slave mentality. An-Nasr Productions disassociates itself completely from what’s called “Hip-Hop culture”. The only culture to be represented by Muslims is the Islamic culture. It is important to note here the difference between culture and science, technology, and objects of a civilization. For example, it is completely permissible to use the technology and knowledge used to build a modern building used in the West. However, it is not allowed for the Muslims to use the statues and religious pictures used to decorate the buildings. Statues and religious pictures are a product of the culture of a particular nation, whereas, the building structure, such as, the foundation or roofing is as a result of science and technology. Science and technology are universal and culture is limited to specific peoples and nations. Muslims represent Islamic culture wherever they live and under all circumstances. Muslims are allowed to use any medium that is allowed by the Shari’ah. We are
not allowed, however, to imitate the Kuffar in their ideas, beliefs, etc.  It is from this standpoint that An-Nasr Productions presents Islam to the masses. We will not do parties! We will not have dancers! We will not jump around and act ignorant! We will only call for the dominance and glory of Islam without the Kuffr cultural baggage!!!  There is no support without the support of Allah, Ta’ala, and there is
no happiness without the pleasure of Allah, Ta’ala. Verily, any effort in contradiction to Allah Ta’ala’s, law is fruitless! And any effort with the
support of Allah, Ta’ala, will be victorious.




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