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anti-flag June 7, 2008

Posted by techis in Music.

have you ever heard a band …they called themself anti-flag…if im not mistaken that band is coming from USA..they are underground music band..punk genre. what i am interested about them is not about their punk-looking style…but about their song. they talked about war and peace, justice, democracy,capitalist that condemned the government of USA …all songs related about the hope for justice…for poverty and rich.

i like this band so much…the music is full of distortion..little bit noisy but so cool…anyone who like to hear the rock song…you could try this one…awesome!!



1. odi - June 9, 2008

jat…gua dengar cita lu ade angkat gitar current? bpe ragot? Ari2 gua balik lu xde kat umah…bila nak g jamming nie? pe2 hal roger gua …no lama still on

2. techis - June 10, 2008

RM 600…ak angkat masa balik cuti sem ari2…nnt mehla umah kalo free.

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